tout ce qui est réel est fabulatoire, tout ce qui est fabulatoire est réel, mais il faut savoir choisir ses fabulations et éviter les hallucinations.

samedi, novembre 15, 2014

The chaotic stage of mythical fabulation

The chaotic stage, acrylic on canvas, 92 x 61 cm, 2014

After having presented the successive stages of the origin of myths, let’s come back to the birth of the world which comes to the foetus who is expelled from the mother’s uterus. He experiences a painful stripping and distortion which evocate the expulsion of the garden of heaven. I call it the chaotic stage. A new world assaults the foetus in a blinding light into a stream of confuse and fearful experiences, which he inevitably interprets with intense fabulations of fear definitively recorded in his unconscious memory. Most of the myths mention this chaotic stage of the birth of the world.