tout ce qui est réel est fabulatoire, tout ce qui est fabulatoire est réel, mais il faut savoir choisir ses fabulations et éviter les hallucinations.

jeudi, juillet 24, 2014

Myth Art

Art is Myth, Myth is Art : same divinatory creation, same fabulatory praxis of humankind in search of itself. Art always invokes the supreme myth of creation or a range of its great human stories personifying it, whether it may be the celebration of founding myths of societies, of gods, man or nature, of realism, abstraction, cubism, suprematism, constructivism, surrealism, of inner necessity or digital magic, by the means of architecture, theatre, music, literature, philosophy, dance, performance or painting. And when it comes to question itself or the society which celebrates it, art becomes sociological or mythanalytical.

This is nothing new, as what I call myth/art seeks deeply into archeology of present as much as of future time. I already mentioned it in 1979 on the occasion of a performance at the Pompidou Centre, when l announced “the end of art History”.